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Write your eulogy

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Focus on your own journey

1. Today is the Day

What if the doorkeeper to our next realm were to tell us today is your last day? Today is certain; tomorrow is a gift. If we knew our timeline, we might be motivated to start writing the end of our story by living it today. What is it about us that we want others to remember the most? Today is the day, now is the time, tomorrow is too late.

2. Fear versus Facts

Is fear a personal roadblock to living our best life? The news is full of unfortunate stories, that's a bummer, but a reality of our world. Living in fear without all the facts might have us performing with the aid of a *flank strap. For example, going to Super Walmart for all those pandemic needs only to find out everyone else is stocking up too. Instead of panicking, perhaps try the local pharmacy and shops. The best advice from our mother was washing your hands often. Being remembered as a level headed factfinder, and calm under pressure--results in better storytelling.

3. Our Tribe

Some of us feel lucky to be born into the perfect tribe, and some of us do not feel we fit in. By taking an adventurous expedition, and obtaining what we need in life, we might want to become like The Alchemist pursuing our dreams. Maybe what we had was what we needed. Our environment and family could be a mixture of perfection for our life's journey. Maybe our tribe will help us become a legend, lasting beyond our lifetime. Or maybe we will find peace knowing we were able to transform our world through a seemly magical process.

4. Connections

Making money as a workaholic may not be a positive life ambition. If we are missing life's events with family, have few friends, and do not know our community, your colleagues might be the best to write your eulogy. Creating a bond with family and friends instills a deep appreciation for the human experience. The human experience helps us feel at peace before the inevitable transfer at the end of life.

5. Skydiving

Imagine waking up one morning after a very intense dream that you had left this earth unexpectedly. Relieved and elated that you are alive, your day starts positive. If we maintain that feeling beyond a few moments or a day, we could live our lives, trusting the parachute will not fail us. Living our perfect eulogy shared with those who love and know us best could be a manual for others on how to live well today.

*Flank strap is a sheepskin-lined or padded leather strap. On a practiced bucking horse or bull, the flank strap acts as a conditioning tool – the animal learns to associate the flank strap with performing.

*A special note, the video below was filmed on Omaha beach in Normandy, France near the village of Courseulles-sur-Mer. Our family picnic on the beach was watching horses with their riders living life. Our French foodies from the local market consisted of fresh baguettes, cheese, wine, fruit, and deli meat.

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