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The Stymied Optimist, founder of  Kids Share Workshops 

Growing up with Dyslexia, storyteller Kristina Applegate struggled with reading books and grammar. She never dreamed she could be a writer. Teaching children to be confident learners despite all obstacles gave Kristina the courage to create Kids Share Workshops from 2008-2017, ending in Zambia, Africa. The Stymied Optimist is her first storytelling blog,

Her fictional novel, Ivy's Traveling Circus, shares Ivy's life with Dyslexia and the struggles she faces. Her journey is much like everyone else's as she seeks why she is here and where she will go in life. She feels she is more of a passenger dealing with events that steer her life in a different direction than she could have ever dreamed up. Kristina hopes to reach others who have difficulties living with a learning difficulty and inspiring them that life can be a wonderful surprise if you are willing to let go and trust in the path laid out before you.

*The Stymied Optimist focus is exploring the world of marvelous realism and linking the real world with the supernatural world. Kristina's primary goal is to make you think while bridging reality with the fascination of the unknown.

-Kids Share Workshops is a children's writing and art workshop that published stories from three continents. This image was taken by Kids Share filmmaker Wari Om, while filming on the Lower Zambezi River for Kids Share Zambia. We stayed at Kiambi Lodge, the lower Zambezi national forest.

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