The Journey

The birth of Kids Share Workshops and The Stymied Optimist

Back in 2008, while watching my young children play on our farm, the idea flooded through me so fast I could not write it all down quickly enough. I had a vision of creating a storytelling workshop using co-created art. I was automatic writing that night. Two months later, I had my first workshop at a local school. My passion for Kids Share Workshops lasted for ten years, ending in Zambia, Africa. My new vision for Kids Share Workshops is a global teen journalism workshop linking blogging websites with teenage writers. We would teach then to draft 2,000 words or less, accompanied by 1-2 original photographs, artwork, or short videos sharing their culture, food, community, and overall lifestyle with others.

I believe each human being has a story to tell and is capable of being great storytellers. I also think storytelling is a way to come out of the darkness and into more robust mental health. The Stymied Optimist is hopefully about inspiring future leaders, helping others to feel good, and build more compassion for our world. If we join together in a good, optimistic collective, we might just make this world a better place. 

*This image was taken by our Kids Share filmmaker Wari Om, while filming on the Lower Zambezi River for Kids Share Zambia. We stayed at Kiambi Lodge, lower Zambezi national forest.


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