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The age of consumerism

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

In the Sea of Pandemic Reeds

In writing the last article on COVID-19, there is a widespread feeling that most of us are adrift waiting for the return to the life we perhaps took for granted and now miss. Children and teenagers have reported depression due to witnessing their parent's financial and emotional stress. We are all desperate to get back to life just as it was a few months ago. Many of us wish to get on with our lives because we have not experienced illness from COVID-19. Until something terrible happens, we tend not to think about it. Many of us have had access to quick conveniences, and freedom to travel. We are in shock to have this suddenly all taken away. It is also apparent we live in a time when society can not survive without business running. Saving for six months or more in this age of consumerism, lack of health care, and the high cost of living seems impossible for many.

The sacrifice story of Moses speaking to God could have been a mythological character who took on a life of his own, as his story was passed down through generations. When thinking of Moses as an iconic figure during a time when record-keeping was tough to validate in juxtaposition to today's events, there are many people in the world we can document with certainty trying to save all of us. Our world leaders are racing to find a cure, hopefully together in solidarity. Once a vaccine is found and shared, we will all be lead through the Sea of (pandemic) Reeds allowing it to close behind us. But will we follow the advice coming from the experts and past knowledge of epidemics, by sacrificing many of our conveniences? Or will COVID-19, which could change, reach far and wide, and eventually take the young, healthy, and fit, not just the vulnerable?

What is undeniable is that humans have roamed the earth through centuries, endured all kinds of hardships, faced a massive loss of humanity, and will survive COVID-19.

Let us not be remembered as a tragic part of history, with some nations ignoring the warnings because of a need to roam freely and unprotected. And tragically overriding the higher obligation to be six-feet apart, wear a face mask, and wash hands frequently.

We know what we should do.

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The image above: Moses & the Parting of the Red Sea by Providence Lithograph Company (Public Domain) and sunset on the Saint Johns River, Florida where life is calm and carrying-on.

From The Stymied Optimist: The topic of COVID-19 and its impact on our lives has been my main focus for weeks now. As I write this last article solely focused on this current issue, I hope that the following weeks will become lighter, and we will all look back on this time as forever changing the way we conduct our lives and live more consciously as a collective whole.

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