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Why you're not alone

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

We are in this together

1. Collective thinking

Today we seem to be living as (one-world) collective consciousness. When the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) occurred, now a pandemic according to the World Health Organization, some of us paid attention right away, while others were not overly concerned. When thinking about how a collective consciousness occurs, if we were alone in our thinking, we would be in trouble. When the explosion of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic, which took 36 million lives, the medical community and our careful interactions with others, finally slowed down the spread of HIV/AIDS. Just as surprising is when an audience sees extraordinary talent soon becoming of considerable size. Perhaps we are subconsciously connected with some frequencies stronger than others. Together we can match our energy's frequency to repair, build, and master excellent outcomes for our world community.

2. The BIG picture

What is it that would navigate all of us to work together? Does it need to be something so big we can't ignore it? What if we had a positive frequency channel we could tune into for the world during times of calm. If we have a miserable existence, like the children and families suffering in Syria, how can one possibly tune into that channel? Maybe the world channel remote is residing in the power of our minds. If told how to get out of the wrong place by merely tuning in to the right channel, would you do it? The big picture means so many different things for each one of us. It is harnessing the good intentions of the mind, casting the net far, and knowing that creating a positive consciousness towards humanity, will make every one of us healthier and happier.

3. Supporting one another

When watching acts of extraordinary feats, we feel that it is unattainable. The reality is, the selected few learned by watching, mimicking, and not giving up. By giving up soon after starting and, believing we are not smart and talented enough, creates isolation. But if we try to support those we admire, we may be able to craft our unique style towards success. There is enough room in this world for each one of us to achieve our dreams. Just as working together and sharing within a loving family, we become more successful by supporting each other. Maybe this sounds too optimistic, a bit naive, but studies have shown supporting each other as a collective whole, results in greater Happiness. Supporting one another was the foundation of the United States history. Our founding fathers, Declaration of Independence, states with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

4. Bring us together

When people come together for good, we are strong. When people come together in fear, hatred, and anger, we fall apart. When an alarming occurrence around the world happens, it is comforting to know the vast majority quickly come together for the greater good. What if people were seen merely as magnets, negative, and positive. The positives can not work alone. The negatives can not operate without the positives. Let us not forget our past and those who have suffered to ensure future generations thrive and survive. Enlisted men banded together for the greater good, even if their personal story was not to be remembered by future generations. For example, the bravery of the British Army during WWI. Listen to the word of the past to remember how important it is to remain together.

5. Hold hands and jump

Today we are told to implement social distancing by the CDC. Social distancing is obviously wise given current affairs. Metaphorically we can still hold hands and let go of the river's edge or jump without knowing where we might land. Think of Noah's Ark, the idea of getting on the vessel together to make the impossible possible. If we believe life ends on our last breath, then maybe the collective only works for the living. However, what if our energy, positive or negative that kept us going in life, simply returns home to the collective whole, the positive frequency channel. No matter what we become, together, our greater conciseness could create miracles, especially for all of humanity.

*Pictured Above: Everyone seems to know and love Enzo the Cockapoo because he loves to travel. He enjoys life on the river and living in one of Saint John's hamlets.

The Stymied Optimist asks to please comment on poor grammatical errors if you see any? Feedback and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for your kindness!


The Stymied Optimist asks to please comment on poor grammatical errors if you see any? Feedback and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for your kindness!


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