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When time stood still

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

This is not science fiction

Future Zoom

With the advent of technology, most people have grown to either love it or "let's give it a try." We have moved far from the internet's infancy when many of us (mid 40's and older), could remember a time without technology being crucial in our daily lives. But here we are today, and technology could not have developed soon enough for what we are facing right now. If you have family, friends, work, you need to connect together and often. What is astonishing is being faced with what looks like a sizable and problematic pandemic, only to discover how grateful to have tools like Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime, Microsoft Teams, to name a few. What started off as a bit like a science-fiction novel, transited quickly to we can (male or female) be recruited like Rosie the Riveter, just on the couch. We got this, and we can Zoom together without the potluck get-togethers.


Some of us are still in shock due to the sudden emerging events since early February. But there may now be proof we have built our shockproof-survival skills, much like the folks, after surviving the onset of the great World Wars. The meaning of becoming 'the norm' for such trying times could be living a new way of life that may be healthier for a lot of us. If one build's up the mental capacity to survive during the toughest of times, indeed, your body will too. Our mind, body, and soul are connected and could survive to become shockproof.

Time stood still

When this crazy time is all behind us, some of us may look back with fondness that we were asked to remain in our homes and be safe, finding the stillness healing. Remember a time when you were younger, and all you wanted to do was grow up and get started with your life. Remember a time being a grownup, and all you wanted to do was have time when you were young. If we look at this mess as the magical time when it stood still, we might enjoy it more. If we are filled with anxiety because we are not racing around now, we might want to take this time to decide if that was really working for us.

It is essential to note the importance of eating, resting, breathing, and exercising. If you are facing some grim realities and do not have a little 'paradise' in your home life, go inside your mind (easier said than done). But if there are no vacancies for your soul to rest, try to use technology for all those free and affordable services. Some great ways to deal with time standing still, shockproofing yourself, surviving the zoom family reunions, is to figure out now what has always been nagging your well-being. All from the comfort of your home, Noom offers a fitness and food program cleverly helping others understand their psychology of eating habits. Another great online program is Gaia. They focus on the mind, body, and soul, and especially if you like yoga. As current events change, so will all of us. Thinking forward, be proud of your knowledge, and, most importantly, be present.

Life is throwing a whole bunch of lemons at us. But what if we can escape to paradise? Now it is easier than ever to create a utopia. We can focus on our new mission, to let the natural world live without us mucking it up daily. Our pets, kids, wildlife, and atmosphere are thanking us. The industrial age was environmentally unpleasant with its unfiltered pollution into our beautiful planet, and unfortunately, it has not ceased ever since. To have progress, our ancestors thought at the time; the world is so big there's plenty of room for smokey, gritty, grimy sludge. After the settling occurs, maybe we realize we like our new world, and why didn't we do this sooner.

*Pictured Above: While filming by boat in the lower Zambezi River in Zambia, shooting a Kids Share documentary, we came across a family of elephants. There was a calmness, quiet composure while watching the elephants enjoy their paradise on earth.

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