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The emergent time

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

“As they said in Jurassic Park, life tends to find a way.”(A short story)

The law of time seems to be challenged right now. Each week The Stymied Optimist reflects on the rapidly changing environment we are all living. The goal is to be optimistic despite the frequent tidal waves we are all experiencing.

For the first time in modern history the world is coordinating a united effort (sort of) against a common enemy. This time feels like we are all in the military to defend the planet. Our only weapon is to keep our distance. The people can protect their country by shielding it from the armed forces of the virus. We are at war. We are in a historical time, which needs us to act now! How will you contribute to winning this war? Some of you might find innovative ways to boost the economy by creating more teleworking jobs or create much needed medical supply shortages or simply shelter in place by keeping us all safe. It is noteworthy to allow yourself outdoor (vitamin D) fresh air for mental well-being and a healthier immune system.

Has time changed on us overnight as if we are experiencing all things happening all at once? For many of us, we suddenly have more time. We have been given time with family, time for conversation, and time to reflect. Maybe some of us don't want this kind of time because we are facing the stillness and unavoidable reflection. There are too many people facing the uncertainty of unemployment benefits readily available or any at all. If you are in a risky financial situation before the virus, most certainly, you are experiencing a level of panic that might be damaging to your overall well-being. Then now is time for you to act strategically and strategize how you will beat the enemy's plan of attack. If your plan fails, it is time to rethink the way you live and learn to adapt to a new way of living. Your survival as an innovative, creative needs to be put to work, rebuilding a new world and a unique way of life.

What if we take this opportunity to shelter in place and begin to finally heal. The constant humming noises we have become accustomed to changes to the sounds of nature and listening to others. We can almost feel ourselves stepping out into the natural world even if we live in the concrete world. Look out your window now and see nature coming towards you than ever before. The reports of wildlife suddenly arriving in urban environments after streets are deserted, show how strong the human footprint has on this world. For example, sika deer wandering through Nara, Japan city streets and subway stations. Raccoons are reported "frolicking" on the beach in San Felipe, Panama, gangs of wild turkeys in the bay area and boars romping through quiet deserted streets in Barcelona.

What if many of us take this opportunity to see a new world and reset our time entanglement, smooth out the ripples and let nature show us we are not Gods but stewards sharing a world meant for all living creatures. Take a deep breath and don't let the enemy reach your border, allowing us to unravel our humanity.

*Pictured Above: Taken on the back roads of rural Vermont during the early morning hours. Many of us right now are being challenged with what time means and how we will spend it sheltering in place.

The Stymied Optimist asks to please comment on poor grammatical errors if you see any? Feedback and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for your kindness!

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