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Slow Down

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Waking up, putting one foot at-a-time down, saying thank-you

1. Remembering yesterday

Waking up, putting one foot at-a-time down, saying thank-you. You are thanking yourself for waking up, being present and for yesterday happening. Yesterday is behind us but if we remember events in our life and take photographs to look back on, or just have excellent memory recall, we can reflect on why yesterday was so precious. We lived it, hopefully loved and learned something new. So begin your today with the wisdom of yesterday and make today a great day!

2. Time to Meditate

Almost every human being who lives in developing countries feels there is not enough time. But what if we do an experiment and give ourselves 15 minute breaks frequently? The break could be as simple as sitting and closing your eyes. Or going for a walk down the hallway saying hello. Creative motivation can instantly create focus, direction and more time. Time becomes more efficient and we feel more satisfied at the end of the day.

3. Making hast, makes mistakes

No one wants to make a mistake but if we don't slow down, you may just make one. We have mentally decided to hurry ourselves and others in order to get everything done. Think about yesterday and when you were really glad you didn't make a move towards something you wanted. You realized later what a bad idea that would have been. If you don't take the time to slow down and think about it, you could find yourself dealing with a BIG mistake. However, if you take no action you can go to #4.

4. Indecisive and impulsive

We all know someone who struggles with making decisions. But what if the folks who struggle to slow down learn from the indecisive ones? Being afraid to make a mistake can be debilitating, especially if you see many good and bad options in front of you. The impulsive person only sees one of each because they have not given themselves time to look closer. If you can slow down and not be afraid to make a decision after careful examination, somewhere in the middle you will have a better chance of success. Slowing down looks good if the indecisive and the impulsive work together.

5. Experiencing life

While painting a Mandarin Frog at the Mandarin Museum, a retired couple recently shared their story. They suddenly found themselves dealing with cancer, the loss of their son, a grandchild, siblings, and ill family members. What they said was, don't put off living today, take that trip with your family, live on less and enjoy life. They really wish they had and wanted others to learn from their mistake. What was interesting, despite their grief, they were happy, kind and smiling while fully engaged in the now. Time Traveler Goal- When you reach the end of your life look back at a time when you were able to metaphorically, "ride that horse" and be glad about all your yesterdays.

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*A special note, Wilfredo Herrera Ferrufino rides his stallion at his coffee farm in the rural community of El Roblar, San Ramon, Nicaragua where Kristina Applegate lived with the beautiful Herrera family during a Kids Share Workshops in 2010. The Nicaragua and Vermont Kids Share Workshops was the first Central American workshop supported by UCA SAN RAMON, Rural Community Ecotourism.

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