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Love Yurts

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

It's not what you think, it's how you believe

1. Why not Yurt?

For some of us, this is not a reality. Let's face it, for most of us it's too damn cold out there to live in a glorified tent with mother nature. But what if we adapted this mentality? Why can't we all look at our space and agree it maybe too cluttered? Do we really need to fill each room and closet with more things we need to love but hardly use? Maybe you've heard, "you never know, you might need that someday." *This brings us to #2

2. Financial Freedom

Could you live simply to give room to be free from financial stress? Do you value the most important home, your mind. Refrain from looking at your neighbors and desiring what they have. Trust in financial freedom being more valuable and powerful.

3. Easy to move

Have any of you daydreamed about living in a Winnebago, or a home on wheels? Maybe you have not because that's ridiculous. But what is ridiculous is that many of us are trapped in our home and feel there is no need to see the world when we can just watch it on the screen. I have heard this many times. And the fear of leaving your home grows with watching negative news feeds.

4. More freedom to travel

A yurt idea allows us to pack our bags and yurt you go! For instance, reminiscing about those camping trips and what it is like to sleep hearing the owls and red squirrels finding their way in our log cabin (sorry this is Vermont memory). Seriously, if you aren't a traveler life will eventually make you travel for all kinds of reasons. So, if you keep your life simple you will have more freedom to leave your yurt when necessary.

5. Remember the phrase, keep it simple stupid

A good friend told me this simple phrase during a time of confusion and trouble with making a decision. If we have complicated our lives to the point of no return, change will happen and it may not be what you want. That stuff stuffed away in your home and, in the room you never used, waiting for the camping trip you never took, or the time you tried to build a yurt tree house for your child, but couldn't find the time is gone. Perhaps now that the child is all grown up and didn't learn the value of building a yurt tree house and now is trying to live just like you? But what might be a surprise when you decide"this home is too much"and move to that dream yurt overlooking the heavens, life becomes free, simple and yurtastic!

*Time waits for no one.

*If you are enjoying The Stymied Optimist weekly articles, please consider visiting one of our education and wellness affiliate links. No need to purchase anything, a visit generates small revenue. Thank you!!

*A special note, The Posh Earth Double Bed Mosquito Net was purchased for a great adventure with Kids Share Workshops while staying at the Kiambi Lodge Reservation, located in the lower Zambezi river's national forest in Zambia. FYI, my daughter was fast asleep unaware of the monkey's resting below the glamping yurt.

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