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Keep your mind safe

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

The path to wellness resides in your mind.

1. You are in control

Believe in the power of your mind to create your world. Your physical world might be limited, but your mind does not need to be. "Mindfulness meditation" — a technique adapted from a Tibetan Buddhist form of meditation called Samatha. It's all about acknowledging and letting go of distraction. During the Chinese occupation of Tibet, captured monks were subjected to unthinkable torture. How they coped was learning to separate their mind from their body. Be mindful that you are in control of your mind, and no one can take that away from you. Reduce your intake and surplus to a more simplified existence. Take the helm and navigate your way through the storms towards tranquil destinations.

2. Ask for help

Don't try to go alone. Look for the wise sage to guide you. If you try to reinvent the wheel, you will find time wasted interfering with your peace of mind. In western cultures, some people gather all they need from the internet. In these modern times, which is always happening now, seeking advice from the elders in your village (metaphorically) might be a good idea. They will most likely give you valuable information based on good and bad experiences gathered over a lifetime. However, if you can't find a wise sage in your village, check the internet census.

3. Protect your energy

It is astonishing how many people's minds are tortured by allowing harmful energy to dictate the rest of their day, week, and beyond. Just turning on the tube (TV) is one way to create negative energy in your home. What if we decided to allow only positive thoughts to flow into our minds even if we hear negative ones. A person might show strong and relentless disapproval by ganging up on your well-being even if you have made a mistake. Perhaps take the ego-bruising, hurtful advice and empower yourself. Taking in what we perceive as negative feedback could be turned into an opportunity to learn. At that moment, we can decide what-to-do, what-not to do, and how to treat others. If you don't like the lack of compassion, decide to pay it forward, giving positive energy in return.

4. Be aware of your surroundings

Not all of us are fortunate to choose where we live. But we can choose to see what we have. A man named Roger lives in a disadvantaged rural community in Zambia. His mind was created to live as a child while his body aged in a world with no limitations. He sees invention opportunities all around him. He has few opportunities and tools to create with most of us, but to Roger, his world is surrounded by a multitude of objects. Look around to see what you can work with. When teaching in rural and poverty-stricken communities, it is amazing to experience the appreciation for simple living. The minds of some people living in less desirable surroundings seem to possess the most mental well-being. We all have abundance if we choose to see it.

5. Believe in magic

When watching Britain's Got Talent and Marc Spelmann, the magician, it was astonishing how he could use his magic tricks to show all of us something we have not seen before. This truly was an awesome magic show that even amazed the minds of judges, the audience, and even those watching at home. According to medical research, the human brain has a far greater capacity. Don't be afraid to challenge your mind on how to control the intake of positive and negative energy. Mahatma Gandhi said it simply, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” Perhaps he was referring to the magic of the mind and spirit!

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*A special note, the video above is Roger at the Bimbe School in Zambia. He uses discarded batteries for some of his inventions. Roger lives with autism. He is cared for by community members and is highly intelligent and able to see his world as abundant.

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