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Be Optimistic Today

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

The benefits to becoming an optimist could be contagious and save lives

1. Laugh and smile often

If you can't find something to laugh and smile about today, make it your mission to seek others who do. Thank them, even if they are projecting themselves on the screen. They will feel your love, which brings us to #4. If you have no screen to look at find the funniest person in your village and befriend them! *Make your mental health as important as brushing your teeth, and eating and screen time!

2. Build your dreams starting today

You have heard this before, why put off tomorrow what you can do today. When you feel like you can't move forward it's time to charge! Push through it and you will move past the negative reasons your dreams won't work. Believe in fairy godmothers, and other mystic realms, otherwise your dreams won't invest in you.

3. You have but one life

We have this life now. Given the time we each have, why not be happy for others, kind, loving, and generous no matter how big or small. Even if you feel you have nothing to give, these key acts of kindness are free. You might just save another's life and for sure your own. Don't be afraid to say hello, give a hug or a smile. *Paying it forward is a reality!

4. We are made up of positive and negative energy

This is a bit of new age thinking. But let's think about this for a minute. You need food to give your body energy, which includes your brain, which gives you ideas and creates the world around you. For some of us, this can be an out of this world experience! Remember you are not an island but sharing your energy with others in this world. Be part of the collective. The collective, either negative or positive, will take you in. There is no void place to reside. *So choose wisely little grasshopper.

5. Be good to yourself

If you can't see how good you really are, who will? This brings us back to #4. There is a reason others might be constantly arguing with you, treating you unfairly, dismissing your ideas or simply ignoring you. If you value you, you never need approval from others. You can be calm and happy in your own village and enjoy who you are. There is no need to be heard anymore. * You have now become optimistic!

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